How to print in mediums that aren't listed?

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    A have a little bit of an issue that's cropped up several times. I design small detail parts and scale models for science fiction and ship modeling. The vast, vast majority of my parts need to be printed in ultra detail or ultra frosted detail simply due to the scales in which I work and the level of fine detail that's needed to make the part look accurate. However, sometimes when I upload parts these two mediums aren't listed as printing options. Does anyone know why this is?

    Its very odd, as I'll sometimes upload parts for the same model separately, done in the same CAD program and featuring the same modeling and design features, often the same or similar geometries, and one part will have more printing medium options available than the others.

    Any ideas on why this happens? Is there a way to specify a medium for printing that isn't listed in the part's pull down printing menu?



    PS. I would add that the materials Shapeways will let me print in are too course, in terms of detail, for the model. It will pretty much only let me use metals, which have a minimum thickness of 1 mm, plus white-strong-and flexible. My parts have a detail fineness of 0.3 mm, just what the ultra detail calls for. Basically,Shapeways is calling out printing media that its own specs say can't be used to print my parts. Any ideas?
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    As far (and as little) as I know, materials are automatically excluded only if the model is too large or too small for
    the respective printer. In case of doubt, email service.
    Can you show one of the problematic models, i.e. make it public and add a link here ?
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    Sure. These are parts for a homemade, non-canon battlestar model of my own design.Yes, I'm a total fan geek.

    This will print: ody-part.html?li=my-models&key=51118e5cdb4c6c6e392f3e67c 9abd647 . I arrived the other day looking nice! I'm doing one part at a time in order to save cash. It can print in Ultra Detail just like it needs to be given the level of detailing.

    The option is using Detail is not given with this part: =my-models&key=0e284511c40b0a5fcdd1b9773926c200 . These are nearly the same size, and are actually from the same file. I just split the parts in two to lighten the graphics load on my little laptop. Net Fab has checked the part and verified that its printable. No issues there. Its the choices of printing media that are the problem.

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    Okay, this is exceptionally weird. Ten minutes ago, Ultra Detail wasn't listed as an option. The menu listed it as not printable, with only the metals, white strong and flexible, and elasto-plastic, as printable. Suddenly, Ultra Detail is listed as printable,and the metals and elasto-plastic are not. What the heck is going on? For the record, I'm not seeing things, as some model building buddies and I were discussing this issue last night and looking at the designs on Shapeways.

    VERY Weird!

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    OK. Then it is probably a different manifestation of the upload slowness pest that broke out during July 4th...