How to make a model car replica? Please help!

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  1. kinctr01
    kinctr01 New Member I am completely new to everything that is 3D, from modeling to printing to...did I mention everything?

    Here is my mission, I simply need the help of any informed and knowledgable individuals willing to assist. I want to make a replica model of my car that I currently own and drive. I am able to acquire an already made 3D model of the vehicle in a .obj file which I believe is good for Shapeways to use in making a 3D print from. However, is it that simple? Do I just need the file, upload, order, and voila!? I feel I not thaaaat naive... :) There has to be more...and I would like to know how simple I can make this (meaning just ordering enough to make the general body of my vehicle with wheels, but not anything inside (ei engine, seats, etc). or ordering everything with all vehicle details/parts included) I feel like I am right on the tip of making this happen, but just don't have the know-how to truly get it going and get results. I basically want my car in the same type of model cars you see on the shelf at name that store selling model cars.

    I really hope someone out there has already tackled this endeavor or can at least help me accomplish what I am looking for. Thank you!!!

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  2. stonysmith
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    If you're willing to send me the model via PM, I'll take a look and see what the feasability is.

    The thing is.. many models you can find on the web are good for visual presentation, but are NOT good for 3d printing. A LOT of models you will find out there are "skins" only, and they do not have closed interiors.

    Compare a baloon to a wood carving. A 3d printer can print something that has "structure" like the wood carving, but it would have very large trouble printing a baloon with "zero thickness" walls.
  3. kinctr01
    kinctr01 New Member
    I appreciate the response and offer to help. I don't yet have the 3D model as I would need to purchase it from the creator, which would cost $89 for one model choice or $129 if I choose from another creator. In either case, it's a lot of money to fork over for just the slight chance that it will be a good model for rendering into an actual 3D model.

    I would almost assume the creator (since I saw their gallery and ALL they do is vehicles) is probably not creating the "wooden" models but rather the "baloons" (using your analogy!)

    However, before I attempt the unknown, my next question would be this: If the 3D design in question is in fact a "skin" or "baloon", is it still workable to become the structure/design I would need it to become in order to print a 3D model? Again, thank you for the help! Much appreciated! I am even considering paying someone to truly get this all happening if it needs to come down to that, but then a whole new question would much would/should that cost!? Ah...why didn't they just make my car in a model in the first place!?
  4. pfeifferstylez
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    As long as the baloon is "watertight" it's printable.
    A watertight skin counts as "solid body".

    The only "problem" would be that a hollow model with (let's say) 1mm wall thickness would be cheaper than a solid model... depending on the scale probably MUCH cheaper.
  5. kinctr01
    kinctr01 New Member
    I'll never scoff at the idea of cheaper..especially MUCH cheaper! :) My end goal is merely making the model of my car...the guts are for the imagination in my opinion, I simply want to stare at my car in model form for days on end so I can stop walking out to the parking lot (apartment life) and staring at it there....people start to become worried or scared :laughing: