How to make a customizable design

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    I'm sure this issue has been explained somewhere here before, but I could not find it, I apologize

    Let say I have designed a ring with specific inned diameter, which I want to be customizable..

    Should I upload 10 different rings so 10 diameters can be picked up or there's a smarter way?

    Thank you
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    Duann, thanks a lot !
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    Also note that you want to specify your max volume at the largest ring size. Just so you don't have a ring ordered that would have to be impossibly thin to match the design to be at or under your set max volume.
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    The main disadvantage with setting the max volume on the max ring size is that some buyers will end up paying too much when measured on actual model volume.

    I've not found any good method to avoid this... Maybe the Shapeways team will come up with a good idea to solve this. :)
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    I just experienced this the hard way, I had three bands up in a size 10 US,
    Very sizable for any size. I set up templates ,I bumped the volume up a bit not thinking how it would change the price on all pieces. I wanted to order samples to photograph.Even some in plastic, my Order came out to be much higher, to me. almost $20 US more than it should, my only fix was to delete the models reload reorder. Once I have my photos I will make them and customizable again. I think I will make it sizable smaller only.
    Btw I do love Shapeways.

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