How To Hollow Car Windows

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  1. a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg anyone tell me how to make hollow in windows from car.I have deleted the polys but when i upload it on shapeways it fills the empty space.I am new to 3d print,any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Not sure what software you are using, but it looks like you only modelled the outer skin of the car. To "open" the windows and hollow out the interior you need to model the inside faces of the doors, roof, etc. The SW software assumes your model is a solid block because there are no inner faces, so it fills in the window area.
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    As Barkingdigger said, you have to convert your model from being a solid block into a hollow "skin".

    My personal method for this is:
    1) Using Meshlab:
    1a) use Meshlab "Uniform Mesh Resampling" to create the inner set of faces.
    Precision = .25
    Offset = -.31 (or slightly more than the minimum wall requirement)(negative means to produce the inner shell)
    1b) use Meshlab "Quadric Edge Collapse Decimation" to reduce the triangles generated
    Target Faces = (This defaults to half of the total faces, I use about one quarter of the number of original faces)
    Preserve Topology = true (this is important so as to keep the basic shape)
    Planar Simplification = true (this tends to make long flat surfaces simpler)
    let the rest of the options default.
    1c) Export the new mesh as an ascii STL
    1d) Export the old mesh as an ascii STL
    1e) use a text editor (or "copy" command) to merge the two files
    2) Open the file in Netfabb
    2a) When asked, do NOT separate the shells.. keep them as one
    2b) remove some triangles from both meshes
    2c) add some triangles back to connect the two shells. (see

    Another method is to use Blender. Remove all the faces from the windows, and then use the "Solidify" modifier to add interior thickness to the shell. Blender tends to be a ton faster than Meshlab, but.. it often a bad job in sharp corners.
    Turn "Clamping" up to 2.0 and
    Turn "Fill Rim" to true.
  4. Thanks for reply.I am using maya.Now i understand how to make this model.
  5. Thanks sir,now understand basic things and softwares used for it.