How to get a "true black", professional WSF finish?

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    I am selling 3D printed photography equipment, and one of the biggest problems I have is that the Shapeways and competitive service black dyed SLS polymide is not black at all. It is more like blue. I have been selling BSF, unpolished, and the surface finish is also not very attractive.

    There are 2 things I will be considering.
    A) black dying, or painting the models myself
    B) polishing

    I don't have experience with this, and was wondering if someone could give me advice?

    Why is it difficult to get true black dye? If it is possible, how would I do it?

    If it isn't possible to get true black dye, what about painting it? Will the paint be able to survive heavy use by photographers who may throw this into their bags with other heavy metal equipment?

    From what I have read on this forum, some people have applied a first urethane coat, then black paint, and then another urethane coat.
    Any experience with that?

    For me, the easiest would be dipping the models into the urethane, but I worry this would be too thick. There are going to be ball bearings press fitted into the parts. Next easiest would be using a spray can. Next would be using a spray gun.

    How would polishing affect the dying or painting?

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    Did you see my post on black dye yesterday? May help.
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