How To Fix This (3d Daemon With Blender)

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  1. This is one of my first 3D models ever. I've really enjoyed getting to know Blender and working on this model. But now I can't get it to print (Shapeways delivers an error). There seem to be some issues with it. I know I have parts that aren't manifold. But I've realized I've bitten of a bit more then I can chew. Who can help me fix this model so I can get it printed?
    I have decimated the model to get it small enough to upload it. But that also results in some funky vertices I guess.

    Blender has a function ' make manifold'. But that really f**** up the model. the entire face collapses...

    any help is much appreciated!

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    I think I can help you for now. First of all, very nice model you have there! You sure have some talent for this. Secondly, I've downloaded the file and I can see it's 5mm tall, I guess that's not the size you want to print it into, otherwise it's just too tiny for SW to handle, so that might be a possible 'error' explanation.
    I had previous experience with this kind of problem, so let me ask you this: do you run checks after you exported the file before uploading it to SW? I guess not, and that's told with no harm mean. I just judge what I can see. From your .stl I can see the mesh is not closed, i.e. you don't have a solid to print but just a number of surfaces that do not compose one. The program I use can attempt to correct that, so you should run it, upload it again and see if it works (you should upscale it to repair it because that would prevent errors in the repair, it should be at least 1mt tall, you can rescale it again afterwards for exporting it). Usually this works, but it depends on the complexity of the model. Not working on miniatures I have no idea if this will but it should work.

    I use Alias by Autodesk to model my stuff so I can control this process better, but it is much more complex to do miniatures in there rather than Blender or 3DsMax. Before uploading I then run checks in Netfabb also by Autodesk, which is what I strongly suggest for you to download. It's very easy to use and should solve all of your problems once you repair it through that.

    The other choice is to use another modelling program, which is up to you to decide.

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    "Fixed" and provided as .obj & .stl. (5 inches wide) I found 47,509 open edges and simply capped them in 3ds-max after welding in ZBrush - in other words my repair is more of a hack. Also you sculpt is freakiin great! - But now you will have to compromise and design for printing, no hairline details, tapering to zero, etc. Or just print really, really big ;) -S

    n'kari for print 07_ZB-Weld_01_SSS-Rndr03_.jpg

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  4. thank you both so much! @Shea_Design thanks for the fixed model, I was so happy when I saw it (and the cool renderings). I entered it for 3D printing but it still has issues. The model is not manifold, still... I've been trying to fix it in blender. I messed up somewhere during the modeling of the head so now I have to manually fix a LOT of non-manifold vertices.
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    Yeah I did not scrutinize the model too much, had paying work streaming in.. Maybe I will try some of the amazing retopo tools in ZBrush latter. Run ZReeTopo, divide that a few times then re-project from the original. A technique that has served me well in the past.. Or if you have ZB ;)
  6. I don't have ZBrush, It's pretty expensive for something I just do as a hobby. maybe somewhere in the future.
  7. Shea_Design
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    I worked on it for about 4 hours, and my machine did an additional 2 with heavy booleans and remeshings. At least you can see the heatmap now. If you decide to demo ZBrush I can send you some interesting files. I have Blender here but I think the sculpt branch is a different executable? -S
  8. Thank you so much for all the effort you've put into this. I actually spend the past two days manually facing a lot of vertices in the head. I think somewhere down the process I merged a copy of the face with the face itself, resulting in some messed up vertices. I think I fixed almost all of it now and now I'm gonna try bringing down the file size top see if It can be printed.
  9. I feel like I'm slowly going insane. I spend hours to fix the model and now I'm trying to simplify it in order to make it printable. I already deleted some stuff (like teeth and tongue) and simplified the cloth. But I'm having a lot of trouble creating wall thickness so that the model is actually printable. The solidify function in Blender gives me all sorts of problems. Does anyone know a simpler way to create wall thickness of even just make the model solid?

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  10. Shea_Design
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    Solidify is just like local face extruding which becomes a problem for curved surfaces and end points when self intersection is quickly achieved. Sure it works great on planes simple boxes and spheres but you are modeling organic forms. For projects like yours I use volumetric shelling where the offsets are calculated and new clean topologies are generated for the internal detail. I use ZBrush for this, other softwares now also have voxelization techniques. If these are beyond your reach you can try to model the inside shape by relaxing and deleting parts of a copy of your sculpt to fit inside, flip normals, boolean or just interface by hand. BTW - I had this shelling issue in mind as I worked your model a bit and due to the narrow knee areas imagined making a 'port' behind each knee and in the base to reduce material volume. In the case of the cloth I would simply select the front faces and move out to thicken that area. The tongue just needed to intersect the head more and I would definitely keep the teeth, just make them thick, possibly projecting all the way inside the mouth. My workflow to repair your model was to make it compatible with ZB's dynamesh (convert to millions of faces). This required manually repairing the crystal base and many features of the hands, stitching up holes, etc. I must have deleted 30 lost faces in the process, then combined all the accessories into a single object by way of boolean, then set about combining that with a NO HOLES version of the body. Sorry if much of this makes no sense but I've been at this 27 years.
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    Hey how is it going? Still working that sculpt? I spent some more time with it just to see if I could get it print ready. I'm pretty close, just gotta work the finger nails, a bit more thickening around the mouth, project the teeth back, etc. .. or I will just abandon it if you have lost interest. -S