How To Find Out Which Of Your Products Are Customisable?

Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by AotrsCommander, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. AotrsCommander
    AotrsCommander Well-Known Member
    I have received a notification one of my products is using the soon-to-be discontinued customisation feature. I have not intentionally ever used this feature, so something must have been miss-clicked or something somewhere. I have about 450 models in my webstore, making it highly impractical to manually search through every one to find what the culprit is. (It would literally take hours.)

    Is there a way to check this somehow more globally?

    If not, will Shapeways send notifications of products affected (i.e. removed from sale) when the customisation is discontinued so that I can re-enable any offending models at that time?
  2. Greaseball
    Greaseball Active Member
    Which customization is going away? The type where you input text and upload an image? I don't see any announcement in the official announcement thread.
  3. AotrsCommander
    AotrsCommander Well-Known Member
    Direct paste of the body of the email (which is from, so I'm 90% certain this is not spam or whatever - but if it is, then it needs to be brought up anyway.)

    Email as follows:


    Our records indicate you currently offer a product for sale in your Shapeways shop requiring manual customization by you after it is purchased. On February 26th, we will be removing this feature from the website. This email is to inform you of your options following this change, as well as provide the context for this decision.

    First of all, don’t worry, you can continue to offer your product for sale. The manual customization feature will disappear, however you can use the following tools to assist your customer in creating customized products.

    What are my options?

    Customers will still be able to purchase your manually customized product until February 26th. To continue selling your model after this date, please choose a new way to offer customized versions of your product.

    1. Create Product Variants to automatically offer different variations of a product (For example - preset ring sizes).
    2. Use our Custom Maker tool to allow customers to automatically add text and images to your product.
    3. Allow customers to send you custom requests for products. On your Shop Inventory page, select "edit," and choose "Custom Requests" under the customization section. You can also add information in the product description encouraging customers to reach out to you directly for custom requests.
    If you do nothing your product will be marked “not for sale” on February 26th.

    Why are we doing this?

    The manual customization feature is being removed for two key reasons: 1) this is a very old feature that is becoming extremely difficult to maintain, which was also created before all of the other options listed above, and 2) we have only seen a limited number of shop owners using this feature since it was first offered, compared to other features on the website that have had more significant adoption.

    Every feature on the website requires maintenance. Sometimes it is necessary to remove a feature from the website, so that our engineers are able to focus on supporting features that will bring greater benefit to the community.

    We truly appreciate your understanding regarding this, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change. If you have questions for the team, please feel free to reach out to us.

    Kind regards,

    The Shapeways Team
  4. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Marketplace search with search term "aotrs" and "filter by" customizable returns no result (disabling the filter returns 386 items from your shop, consistent with the total given on your shop page).
  5. AotrsCommander
    AotrsCommander Well-Known Member
    Thanks - at least I know one way to have a check now!

    Wierd, though. Either a glitch in the system, or it is indeed a spam email. (I think this is less likely, however.)

    (Number sounds about right, I was estmating a bit from the number of model pages; I don't think I have quite that many not for sale products - but in any case, if any of them are mis-flagged as customisable, it doesn't matter.)
  6. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    I returned the email to and they sent me a list of the six items in my shop that have the feature turned on. Oddly enough, NONE of them should have had Customizable turned on.
  7. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    @AotrsCommander I can see that these models have or used to have a co-creator variable:
    AotrsCommander 362432 4UQGHCV42 MG144-G01 LGS Fennek
    AotrsCommander 373556 8Y464NPBQ Aotrs104 Hoarfrost Frigate
    AotrsCommander 279859 SVU2UDNEN JAL101 Phoze Missile Patrol Cutter (x4)
    AotrsCommander 279940 MZQL279D8 JAL204 Grivenon Defence Cruiser
    AotrsCommander 420415 V2RARDL8Q SSA304 HAM-128 Corsair Battlecruiser
    AotrsCommander 402730 7WD5PSZED Aotrs105 Keening Abyss Corvette

    Can you check if they still are?
  8. AotrsCommander
    AotrsCommander Well-Known Member
    Cheers! That saved what would have been.... actually, the only practical option would have been to wait until after the closing date and check which models were not on sale! I have gone down that list and flagged them as uncustomisable - they were all flagged as "customisable by me" (except I'm not sure about the Grivenon, so I set it to manual and then non-customisable to be sure).

    I am at a loss as to why they were in the first place. They are all somewhat older models, though without checking I don't THINK they all were done at the same time, so it seem less likely that they were done as a misunderstanding of what customisation was or something... (and if it was, I'd have expected more from my Jalyrkieon fleet that just two - ditto for the Aotrs fleet, since the two ships were contempoary with another couple - since I tend to batch-upload)They apparently were all older than the more recent editing screen update, though, since the material drop-down was basicially everything (nowadays, I only clear WSF, FUD and FED), so it might be a legacy issue or glitch? Your guess is as good as mine.