How To Design A Multi-color Object?

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    Hi, guys!
    (I realize after I posted the same question in 'Material' section that I should have put it here...)

    I saw some cool multi-color pieces in the shop here, and I'm trying to design my own for the first time. Could someone please share the experience how to set the color zones in design program (I use Rhino) like this:
    Thanks a lot :)
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    Basically you have two options - "vertex painting" where you color each vertex point on your mesh like you would with a brush (useful when you have only a few colors in a simple scheme, like an assembly drawing of some machinery or a minecraft figurine), or "u-v mapping" points of an image (a predefined "material" in your software, or an image you import and align) onto key points on the surface.
    See the tutorials under to get the general idea, and (I guess) youtube for how to do texturing with Rhino.
    The result must be exported to DAE (Collada), WRL (VRML2/VRML97) or X3D as STL does not have colors and shapeways does not read colors from OBJ. Usually you end up with two files - the geometry and the image - that you need to bundle in a zip file for uploading.
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    The tutorials are so helpful. Thank you very much!