How To Deliver And Charge For Custom Product.

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by archinaut, Jun 5, 2018.

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    This must have been addressed before but I cant seem to find a thread that deals with delivering a custom product to a customer that requested it.
    A customer requested a print of a piece in my shop at twice the size.

    How does one make a second product for sale out of one model?

    Is it possible to just duplicate a published product and edit it before making it available to one customer via a link in a PM? (this would be the simplest IMO)

  2. MrNibbles
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    You need to upload another model and send a link of that to your customer. Either you need to rescale the model prior to uploading the new version, or upload an exact copy and use the scaling tool in the model editor to create a new version. Either way the next step is to add your descriptions, etc. and your markup to the cost of the new version.

    Once you have two sizes of the same model you can offer each for sale in your shop, either individually as separate products or as part of a variant product that lets you sell multiple versions of a model from one product page.
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  3. archinaut
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    Thank you, MrNibbles!

    While I still hope that in the future a single model can be offered as different products, the way you explained worked just fine for me. I was even able to offer the product to the customer without making the custom version public.

    And yes, I agree that constant percentage for markups would be great too, However I found that I can do that by working with the exported CSV file, setting the markup and final price rounding in excel and then uploading the file again.