How to create new models with same description, photos, tags?

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    Is there a way to create multiple models with the same description, photos, and key words (tags) without having to type everything over and over again?

    Also, I'm having problems with creating tags. When I make a list of about 15 tags, only the first 5 or 7 will be recorded. when I exit edit mode, I see the last half are missing, I have to go back to edit mode, enter the missing ones, and only the first 5 of those I enter again will show. I have to keep going back and forth until all of them are recorded.

    Also, I'm having problems entering captions for the photos. When I add something like 3 photos, I add one caption to one of them, and then I'm unable to edit the captions of the other photos. I have to exit edit mode, and enter it again to be able to get the type cursor enter the caption box of the other photos.

    Also, when I upload 3 photos, the one I select as default automatically gets a caption that says "click to edit". It will not go away. I have to delete the photo and upload it again to get the caption to disappear.

    Same with captions that are deleted, the gray box stays in the caption area. I have to delete the photo and upload it again to get rid of it.

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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    For your first question, no, there currently isn't a way to copy an item in your shop.

    As for the rest, those sound like bugs so I moved your post to Bug Reporting and Site Feedback
  3. lukeuedasarson
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    Even if you can't "copy" a description of an item in your shop, there ought to be some global edit function that allows you to make the same edit to every item in your shop. I've just been hit with a bunch of model rejected decisions because , and decided to edit my recommendations in plastic choice as a result, but having to do this manually for 50+ models was a real pain.