How to Convert a STL file to 1 solid object

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by atatassault, May 1, 2012.

  1. atatassault
    atatassault New Member
    I've got several STL files of starships, but they all have interior geometry, and I think Shapeways is hollowing out the object when I upload it.

    I cant figure out a way to create a solid object using solely the exterior geometry. Can anybody here help me?
  2. damocles
    damocles New Member
    Shapeways isn't doing a hollow-out operation. If you're seeing something like that, it's because of the data you're providing (for whatever reason).

    If your software doesn't have a tool which explicitly does this sort of thing, you could do it with boolean ops. For example:

    Make solid which bounds the object
    Subtract object from solid
    Make solid which fills hole
    Subtract intermediate result above from second solid

    You may have to do fore and aft sections then union the result depending on how your software feels about solids with holes in the middle.
  3. atatassault
    atatassault New Member
    I tried doing that method, and the Software I have, 3DS Max, likes to subtract the bounding box of a solid with holes in it. And due to the interior geometry of my original file that I'm trying to recreate as a solid, the hole isnt a complete void, but more like a negative of the model.
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  4. stop4stuff
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    For Shapeways to make the model hollow with the interior geometry intact, there is a tunnel joining the interior shell(s) to the exterior shell(s) - eliminate the tunnel and it doesn't matter if the internal geometry is still there, Shapeways software will delete it and only go by the exterior shell.

    If you get stuck, send me a PM with the stl and I'll have a look at it.

  5. atatassault
    atatassault New Member
    Thanks, that helped a lot. I got it working.