How to change paypal account?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by MmeCurie, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. MmeCurie
    MmeCurie New Member


    I was wandering how to change my Paypal account name (for markup payments) on the profile page of my account?

    Please help

  2. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder
    Hi, we will let you know tomorrow! Thanks for the question.
  3. SkilledApps
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    I have the same question but I think it's changed since this was posted because I can not find where to change my PayPal account
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  4. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hey guys,

    You can change the paypal address that is used for your markup payments here:
    Scroll down a bit and click on the Getting Paid tab.

    Here you will be able to change the address :)