How To Automatically Generate Ring Sizes With Free Tools ?

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Incartades, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Incartades
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    Generating all size one by one by exporting stl files one by one is a bit painfull. Of course tools like Grasshopper can help, but these are not free.

    One way to do it could be a Blender script to generate a few bigger sizes from a smaller referent size. For example sizes 3 to 7 from size 2 and 9 to 13 from size 8. It works in many cases.

    This could also be a creator app from Shapeway. ;-)
    Or maybe a Vectary one ?
    Maybe this already exist ?

    Another way to do it could be an addon to Fusion 360 to input a some quotations with a specific scales table, like Solidworks configurations. It is more powerfull but you have to use Fusion 360 then.

    Do you have any knowledge about this type of tools ?

    PS : If you read this topic because you have the same problem, here is a table of ring sizes from Wikipedia with some calculations. It can be helpfull.

  2. tomere
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    Whenever I design rings, the first thing I'd do is create a sketch of a circle and then constrain everything to it while making sure that every sketch/feature afterwards is fully defined.

    It makes it easy to change the parameter of that sketch and size the ring proportionally on the fly; it works well because you can easily make custom sizes in addition to common sizes without breaking the model.

    You can find more information about Top-Down modeling techniques here.
  3. mkroeker
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    Parametric design is certainly easy to do with SolidWorks, but he asked for a free solution. There appears to be a Blender add-on named sverchok (Russian word for "grasshopper") that provides at least some tools for parametric modeling.
  4. tomere
    tomere Shapeways Employee Manufacturing
    The link I attached for Top-Down Modeling was just a reference/starting point; the idea can be applied across various parametric programs.

    Alternatively, I found Meshmixer (free) tool for transforming/scaling to be quite powerful once you get the hang of the UI.
    Here's a guide:
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    Great! This is exactly what I needed.
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  6. Incartades
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    Currently I use the methodes described by Tomer. Fusion 360 parametrics or Blender/Meshmixer rescale. The point is that you have to generate 24 ring sizes by changing 24 parameters and exporting 24 times. It's not that painfull, but there is a risk of error. It would be safer to generate evrything automatically with a single table.

    I had a look in Sverchok. It seems to be a powerfull tool with a pretty complicated UI. I will have a deeper look to see I can find a simple method for generating several scales from a table.

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  7. Incartades
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  8. Frozenrain
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    Oh,no.It's script.Does someone know how to use script in 3DSMAX?
  9. Incartades
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    I'm not into 3DSMAX. Anyway... You don't need to know anything about scripting or Blender to use it. It is already packaged.

    Just install Blender (it is lightweight), and follow the short instructions from the blog page.
  10. UniverseBecoming
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    I've been using Netfabb with Winautomation to automatically make every size from the starting smallest size to every 1/4 size up to 16. Good to know though about the Blender script, I'll have to check it out and see if it's any better than what I'm using since my win automation script most likely won't work on any computers but the one I created the script on.

    Shapeways should have this feature built in so we don't have to upload a lot of models. Also, Shapeways needs some kind of automated method for doing markup because as it is now it is too much work to upload all of those sizes and then do the markup for all of the different materials for all of those sizes. To do a single ring design for Shapeways can take 20 to 30 hours of work in uploading and markup for all of Shapeways' metal materials when doing every size from 0 to 16 which 119 different sizes! :D
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  11. EvieL
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    Haven't tested the Blender script but thank you for finding it @Incartades !