How to attach a Lapel Pin to a 3D Model?

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  1. IB3D
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    I am designing an insignia. I am researching different kinds of attachments that may be available through ShapeWays. Proposed methods are:
    A stick pin with a push on cap for use with clothing.
    A magnet for attaching to metal surfaces.
    A double stick tape for attaching to smooth surfaces.

    My goal is to reduce the cost to the client. Direct shipment from Shapeways to the client would be preferable. The alternative method would have me accepting the order, re-manufacturing the emblem then direct shipping the finished product to the client. (I am not sure if this is even possible)

    Is there a way for ShapeWays to incorporate these manufacturing methods into their finished product? Of course, I could include instructions and whatever.

    Any alternative suggestions would be appreciated.

    Ask away if my question is unclear or requires further information.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. bartv
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    Hi IB3D,

    I'm afraid that at this moment we do not support shipping extra parts like clothes pins. Your best bet would be to use a very generic object that everyone can pick up in stores around them, and include instructions in the product description.

    We also have a forum dedicated to such instructions, so you are welcome to post them here and link to them from your product description page: =99&

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