How small have you gone? Help!

Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by electrobloom, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. electrobloom
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    I've been working on a fine chain for production in WSF, and I feel that I'm at the limits of what the laser sintering process can cope with!

    The chain link below is only 4.1mm in diameter, so that the charms can thread onto it.

    White fine chain 01.png

    This means that the links end loops are only 1.1mm wide. It is surprisingly strong but I'd like to increase its width by 0.1mm to make it even stronger. Problem is I'll be reducing the space between links from the accepted 0.4mm to 0.3mm.

    Will a clearance of 0.3mm between parts be enough to ensure they don't fuse together, has any one pushed the process this far?

    Let me know what you think, can I get away with it?

  2. stop4stuff
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    These Dragonscale chainmaille earrings printed in WSF have a minimum gap of 0.31mm between the large rings and 0.38mm clearance for the small rings within the large rings. None of the rings were fused, however the rings are slightly smaller, 1mm diameter 'wire' for the large rings and 0.8mm for the small rings. They were caked up with powder though and the rings needed alot of moving about to remove it.

  3. electrobloom
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    Thanks Paul for the details, that's a great help.

    I've made some tiny adjustments to the chain and I'm gonna give it a go. I'll report back once it's been printed.

    Great looking earrings btw, they must have a really nice movement to them, why are they not for sale?


  4. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Thanks Mark :)

    The main reason they're not for sale is becasue they arrived caked in powder to the extent that at first it seems that the rings are fused and it takes alot of working (moving) the rings to free them up and get rid of the powder.

  5. electrobloom
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    Understand, I've had a few models that have had the same problem with too much excess powder caught in small gaps.
    That's the trouble with being at the cutting edge and pushing the process.

    Customer services have been quite good at addressing the problem although I still occasionally get some that need a wiggle and a toothbrush!

    Would ultra sound shake them free? Perhaps we just need to shout at them! :laughing:


  6. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Oddly enough an ultrasonic cleaner has little effect on trapped powder in a WSF model, though that was powder trapped inside a ring of 36 3(h) x 10(dia) mm slots and not the dragonscale earrings.