How much would it cost to 3D model this tattoo?

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by delta2187, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. delta2187
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    I need this tatto converted to a 3D model so I can have a necklace pendent made from it. I'm either going to have the entire design made in a single piece (silver) or two seperate pieces; silver cross and colored metalic orchid (that a local jeweler will assemble).


    I'm not sure if it is possible to model the green vine that wraps the cross (may be too small at that scale)?

    Lady's -- I'm not sure how large this should be. I'm thinking of an overall height of two inches for the actual cross and 'S' (at the base of the cross)? If it's easy to scale the model I guess it really doesn't matter as long as the proportions are correct?

    Please provide a cost estimate including a copy of the original/master 3d file.


  2. lmcdesign
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    Hi, i'm sending you a PM.
  3. SGDesigns
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    Might be better off having it made as one solid piece and paint the orchid instead of getting two pieces and then trying to find a local jeweler that can weld good.
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  4. delta2187
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    I agree with you (as do several others that have provided the same guidance).

    When you have finished creating the model, how difficult is it to then scale it up for a plastic print at a say 8 inches tall?

  5. lmcdesign
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    Its really simple to scale the model. I would do it in some CAD system program in the right scale. That's probably the better way.....