How Do You Promote Your Designs To Get Sales?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Dembe, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. Dembe
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    I wanted to ask the community how they promote their designs to get more sales in their Shapeways shops? And if there are methods that they have found useful and productive? Or do you usually sell them offline, through e-mail lists, or through another venue besides the Shapeways shop?
  2. social media social media social media. Find groups on all platforms that are relevant to what you do. I specialize in tabletop gaming items. I find groups on facebook and reddit on that topic. I post to forums that I know are that type of audience. Just make sure there are no rules on posting, and make sure to be polite and to the point when posting.
  3. srnjm420
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    For my model fire trucks I use Facebook, some model shows and have new items listed in a magazine that deals/showcases real fire trucks.

  4. Abderian
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    1. Take Advantage of Social Media. Social media sharing is one of the easiest ways to showcase your work.
    2. Share on Portfolio Sites.
    3. Ask Influencers to Share.
    4. Email Design Blogs.
    5. Network.
    6. Create a Blog.
    7. Buy an Ad.
    8. Offer a Simple Freebie.