How do I import 3d models with textures from blender 2.65

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    To get a model printed in color, first you have 3 options with Blender, diffuse material color, vertex color, and a UV texture assigned to a map.
    Remember that there are only a few file formats that SW accepts color info from for Full Color Sandstone, the only material you can get color on. X3D exports from Blender work well for uploading.
    If you have a UV mapping going on, before you upload select the texture and export file at the same time,compress both of them in a
    single zip file. Upload the zipped file to SW.

    You will have to do some scaling to your model,before uploading. For color printing a Blender unit is regarded as a meter at SW. So they will try to print the default 2x2 cube at 2 meters by 2 meters.Which is impossible for the printer.
    1 workaround is to determine the printed dimensions you want. Say you want the default cube to be printed at 2cm x 2cm.Just set unit measurement in scene data to meter. (instead of just 2 for the three dimension values, it now is 2m.)Then in the N panel, replace the three dimension values with 2cm. Notice it gets scaled down. To show why it works, in scene panel now change it from Meter to None. The dimensions change to .02. each. So now when you upload the file, it gets printed at .02m cubed when you select Meter at upload. .02m=20mm=2cm. Apply scale now . CTRL A, and export. Or just scale the model by .001 and apply scale, export.
    If you downloaded the model,and the texture was packed in a Blend File, it will need to be unpacked, then follow the highlighted steps.

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    Here is the blend file. How do i make it shapway compatible using blender?

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    How do I do it?
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    Your texture had an alpha channel which was causing problems. Change it into a jpeg, then in the uv image editor replace the png with it.(on the UV image panel, click IMAGE, open the jpeg). There are 5 seperate meshes. You will have to select each one in object mode, go into edit mode, select all verts. That UV map should me highlighted in image editor. Now click the icon to the right of image, scroll to the name of the jpeg.The new texture image will be seen. Repeat for the rest of the meshes. Looks like you also have leaves on another layer. Do not forget about them.
    Now to properly apply the UV's to make SW happy. Select the head/main stem in object mode. In property panel, select texture icon, scroll down you will see plant color map png. under IMAGE. Browse again with the icon to the names left until the jpeg is selected. Make sure mapping is set to UV.

    With the armatures and shapekeys in the model, pose it to your hearts content. Delete the two shapekeys you do not want. Whether closed, open or smiling. The shapekey does pose a problem with applying the subsurface mod. That is under experimentation.

    Last steps will be your decision for size for printing. I just uploaded the mesh with a blender unit dimensions to be printed in cm Scaled the model by .01., chose meter at is about 5cm tall to get printed.(Was a test)

    A good free program to download is Meshlab. If it shows a texture on a x3d file, it will show up at SW's.
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    Hello there, I've exported my file from blender as x3d and along with the png texture into a zip folder and tried uploading it to SW but it's only showing as white without the texture. If I open it up the x3d in Meshlab it looks fine, any ideas? Can you please take a look at my file, thanks!

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    You need to drop the transparency from the material information. Not sure how/where to do this in Blender, but you can also open the x3d in a text editor, find the "transparency" entry on the "Material" declaration and change its value to 0.0 - or perhaps even better,remove the entire "Material"
    section from "<Material" to the closing "/>" as it adds its base color (white) to the texture, making it lighter.