How Do I Fix My Pendant?

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    I recently started using shapeways using the pedant creator app. Everytime I upload my 2D design that I made in Illustrator and exported as .png it says "Walls in your design need to be thick enough to support weight, withstand cleaning, polishing (depending on the finish chosen), sorting, and shipping." When I fix it by clicking on "fix thin walls" it ruins the design at the pointy ends of the cresent moon. I added some screenshots where you can check it out. Can someone tell me how to fix this without getting the design ruined?

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    The 3dTools tests are SUGGESTIONs. The 3dTools can't make the judgement that a human can.
    If those tips are all that it's complaining about.. then put it thru and let the humans check it.
    Very likely, those two tips are not an actual problem.
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