How do I create an action shot in blender

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  1. piranhamonkey
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    I am new to blender, shapeways and 3d modeling and I am trying to figure out how to save a model in its current action shot. I am trying to make a figure for a d&d game, about .8"x.8"x1" and every time i go to export the model I end up with just the basic design. I want it to be shaped the way it is currently being displayed. I know it must be a simple thing but i have tried to search for it. If anyone has a "let me google that for you link" or a simple tutorial for exporting for 3d printing it would help a ton!

    Here is what i see in my screen.

    and this is what i get when i export it.

    I eventually want him to look like little john, but I am working in baby steps.

    any help/input is greatly appreciated.


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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    So you're talking about the item draped on his arm not showing up? before you export, make sure you hit A until there is that orange boarder around all pieces. This will select all items at once, and should export all selected items.
  3. piranhamonkey
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    ok I will give that a try. Also what is the best way to get a measurement across my item so I can scale it. Is there a measurement tool that I just havent found yet?
  4. Fredd
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    You can determine the bounding box dimensions for it by looking in the N panel, Properties. There you also have the options to display edge lengths and normals which is handy. Best thing is the Measure Panel addon. Will display surface area, distances and the volume, which also will alert you if the mesh is non manifold, or contains ngons
    After all objects are selected, do not!! join them(CtrlJ)

    Any help with blender go to #Blender room on the irc channel Freenode for very good modelling help.