How can We Avoid Problems Like These?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Whystler, Apr 27, 2009.

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    Hello there,

    I didn't have the best of experiences with my latest batch of shapeways models. A lot seemed to go wrong, even with UPS. Maybe I should have checked my horoscope before ordering? lol.

    The problems I had with some of the models this time were:

    -I printed a ring in all of the materials, but the black detail ring was smaller.

    -I printed a little box with a hinged lid, which was meant to printed all-in-one-go without assembly. But instead, somehow the lid was pulled away from the piece, which rendered it useless if I didn't have a crafty post processing mind :) I wound up cutting and bending the piece that was supposed to thread through the rings of the hinge, and threading it by hand. The flexibility of SWF helped because it bent right back into place.


    -I printed another series of small test pieces. I actually ordered several of this model. But none came.

    So I ask ... what would help printers/shippers at Shapeways make sure their orders are more accurate?

    Communication(1) Are the printers aware that it is extremely dangerous to pull models apart and resize them? I have encountered this before. I don't think the technicians are "getting" it.

    Checklists? Do you folks use some sort of checklist to make sure that the package you send has all the bits requested?

    Communication(2) If the printers or shippers are experiencing problems, would Shapeways be interested in sending us an email to consult instead of sending an order that might be different from what was intended?

    Does anyone else have any other suggestions to help Shapeways increase the accuracy of their orders?


    (note: I am about to send an email about the problems directly to the company, but I thought the community might have some insight to help Shapeways.)
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  2. robert
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    Hi Whystler,

    Sorry to hear you had some bad experience with us.

    We take this complaints very seriously!!!

    As far as process control we do all the things you suggest. Though there are still humans involved and they do make mistakes sometimes.

    I will take this up internally and get to the bottom of this.

    Best regards,