How can i get a clear object like the attached? - Help needed asap!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nickdk, May 25, 2012.

  1. nickdk
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    What is the best way to get a model that looks like the rendered image?
    I have been in contact with several companies and it seems to be hard to make it.
    One of them said I should look at SLA and I have talked to I.Ma but there's a 15 day lead time and I need this yesterday!
    I hope someone has an idea!
    maybe I should go old school and get it done from a glassblower but I think the model will be too heavy to fit inside my fragile model :S
    the tichickess of 1mm isn't so important, it could be thicker if that's better, a solid chunk of clear resin would also be perfect.

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  2. pfeifferstylez
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  3. nickdk
    nickdk New Member
    thank you for the reply.
    Would the 'egg' need to be created in two parts to polish it inside? And how much work is needed to make it clear? :)
  4. lensman
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    I'm really not sure transparent detail is going to give you that appearance... Besides, if you need this "yesterday" there is still too much time to make this in TD and then polish it (and trying not to snap it).

    You may end up having to create an inner and outer shell with some other material and then use resin like you first suggested. Just what you could use, though, I'm not sure. It also depends on just how exact a shape you want.

  5. nickdk
    nickdk New Member
    thank you for the input Glenn,

    The shape needs to be very precise because it's going to be placed within some other parts, so I don't see it as something I could do by hand :S
    the 'yesterday' comment was a bit exaggerated, but I'll need the finished clear product sooner than the 15 days I have been told at the competitor so i just hoped for a solution here :)
  6. crsdfr
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    Nearly any Service Bureau running SLA machines will be running a clear material - there will certainly be one close by who can make that part overnight.

    Look for someone running either Accura 60, Accura Clearvue or Somos XC11122.

    Be prepared to do a lot of the finishing yourself unless you're prepared to pay a lot for it - you'd be surprised at just how much is involved with giving SLA parts that true "glass-like" transparency.
  7. VeryWetPaint
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  8. nickdk
    nickdk New Member
    thanks you for the great info,
    I'm surprised that there's so much work involved in making the objects clear.
    The process explained for the transparent detail, is that comparable to the SLA process?