How advanced is your service?

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    I was wondering how advanced your service is?

    If I provided a design file that included separate components - for example a top/bottom of an object that used a simple hinge - would you produce that item so that it indeed worked?

    Would the object come assembled?

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    I have many models in my shop that have operating joints, etc .. all you have to do is design the model so that the shells overlap, but have a wee gap between them so as not to touch. You can check the various design rules to see what that gap needs to be.

    All four axles on this model freely rotate.. the whole model is not an inch long.

    One thing though.. some of these materials are not going to take rough use.. some of them like FUD are not able to withstand much pressure.

    The other thing is that you can't do this with glass, ceramic, or metals.. they will fuse together during post-processing.

    Shapeways does not at this time have facility to combine materials, nor to assemble various parts after printing. You'd have to do that kind of thing yourself.
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