Hourglass with entrapped wax!

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by GarySG, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. GarySG
    GarySG New Member
    A couple days ago I finally received my first design to incorporate trapping wax inside a FUD model, here it is! You can find it in my shop :D

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  2. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    I can't see the wax. Can you see it in person? :)
  3. GarySG
    GarySG New Member
    Yes, I apologize that the photo doesn't quite do it justice, but you can see the wax in the upper chamber where it transitions from wax to FUD in the photo :)
  4. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Yeah, it's fun playing with that stuff. I made a pendant with a spider trapped in FUD once. In regular light you couldn't see much but hold it up with a light behind it and it looked great.