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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CADNinja, May 15, 2013.

  1. CADNinja
    CADNinja Well-Known Member
    I'm going to have this pendant printed in silver here at shapeways.
    Should i print the model with the hoop that mounts to the chain or add that after?
    Dont want to add a feature that is going to be problematic or may break off anyway at some point during the removal from the printer or in shipping.
    Enclosed is a pic.
    Thanks for looking

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  2. FabMeJewelry
    FabMeJewelry New Member
    I don't know the dimensions but i would keep the hoop !

    The hoops we use always turns out nicely as you can see in the picture below,
    the hoop has a inside diameter of 3mm and is 1,25 mm thick.

    Aztec earrings.jpg

  3. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    I would most definitely keep it in the design. Just stick to the design rules and you should be fine. If you'd like to do a search to see how pendants are typically done, the technical term for it is a bail and the the ring connected to the bail that is also sometimes used is called the jump ring.
  4. CADNinja
    CADNinja Well-Known Member
    Very good then i will leave it. Thanks for the advice.