Honeycomb Patterned Slimline Pro Pen

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    Here's a Slimline Pro click pen kit using a 3D printed tube and wood. The top printed tube has a honeycomb pattern so it seemed logical to use honey locust for the wood. I might put together another pen using a plain black 3D printed tube so both top and bottom tubes can be super-duper high tech. The nice thing about a two tube pen is that you can mix and match a variety of 3D printed tubes and various materials based on personal preference.


    I didn't glue the 3D printed tube to the underlying brass tube. The fit was tight enough that it should remain in place and not rotate during use. I also didn't coat the printed tube with any type of lacquer or other sealant. It's possible that it will discolor over time with use although most of the wear and tear should happen due to finger contact at the bottom of the pen. The wood portion was turned on a lathe, sanded, treated with friction polish, and given a final high quality wax buffing (standard traditional pen turning methods).

    One possible deficiency is that the clip has a small bump on the bottom that falls into one of the honeycomb pockets. It might be a good idea to add a solid clip ring that runs around the tube where this bump hits the pen to make it easier to slip the clip onto a shirt pocket but its not a big deal. I can easily customize designs in such a way for anyone who needs them.