HOn30 Sandy River 28 foot Boxcar

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    This is a HO scale model of the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad boxcars no.121 - 145.
    The kit consists of the body and roofwalk joined together for printing.They can be separated without leaving any visible marks.

    To complete you will need:
    a pair of trucks (available from me) plus appropriate wheels
    a pair of Micro-Trains 1015 couplers
    something for the truss-rods (I used EZ line)
    handbrake wheel and rod
    some plastic card for the floor and roof
    some weight (inside the body).
    Floor piece - 96x19 mm
    Roof piece - 100x23 mm, lightly scored along the centre line (long side).
    I recommend painting the underside of the roofwalk before glueing it onto the roof.
    It will not go round curves of less than about 12 inches (30cm) radius, the wheels will touch the coupler box.

    The assembled model:

    The finished model:
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