HOn30 22 foot boxcar

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    To complete this model you will need the following items (or similar)

    some 1mm (0.040") thick plastic card for the roof (see diagram)
    [depending on how the model was printed,you may need thinner plastic to fit the slot under the roofwalk]
    some 0.4mm brass rod for handrails and handbrake (about 50mm will do)
    a handbrake wheel (3-4mm diameter)
    2 screws for the trucks (1mm or 10BA will do)
    some material for the truss rods - mono filament line or EZ line
    microtrains 1015 couplers x2
    wheels x4 (versions of the trucks are available to suit both American and British N gauge wheels)
    paint - up to you
    weight to put inside the body - the NMRA recommends 1 ounce (28g)

    roof diagram:
    roof diagram 1.jpg

    general assembly diagram:
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