Hollowing made more expensive?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by LucasDailey, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. LucasDailey
    LucasDailey New Member
    I have a model with 5 main solid components. The cost to print is $91.86.

    I didn't need the components solid, so I hollowed them out leaving some spanning areas, probably removing around 25%-50% of the material. I uploaded it and now the hollowed version costs $96.48 to print!

    Any ideas how this happened?

    Both models look correct, I thought maybe there was an error with the solid model that wasn't properly counting a section, but everything looks fine.
  2. LucasDailey
    LucasDailey New Member
    I tried just rearranging the parts, literally just moving them closer together, and that dropped the price to $63, which seems in line with my expectations.

    I've read and assume that the bounding box of the parts doesn't matter for pricing, so I'm guessing there is just an error in the file that caused it to misreport occasionally.

    Before posting this I condensed the parts even more, and shaved $.02 off :p
  3. stannum
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    Bounding box doesn't matter... in most cases.

    When above 20cm3 of WSF material, it matters: you pay half price for the cm3 above 20 (23 will cost like non discounted 21.5) if the bounding box is less than 10 times the material used.

    PS: The pricing formula had a bug, so beware, it can look ilogical at first glance. The report was... somewhere...
  4. LucasDailey
    LucasDailey New Member
    That would explain it! I wish I had known to start with, I think that information should have been more obvious.