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  1. sector0
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    I am new to shapeways and have uploaded a few models to test this out. I use Blender 2.49a on Ubuntu and had a weird export issue with this model I want to print. I exported this simple mesh to STL with dimensions somewhere around 6 cm/ 6cm/ 1.4 cm but very empty in the middle (a M letter with a T flipped 90 degrees). I had hollowed it out by using the extrude method and made sure it was all manifold and nice. When I uploaded it, it is saying it will cost around $124. Played around for hours and finally ditched the extruded internals and uploaded... it came out to $82.... I cannot figure out what is going on and if I am going crazy. I double checked the normals on the inside and they are pointing in and the external face normals are pointing out.

    Not sure if this is normal pricing or if something is just seriously wrong with my model.

    Any help?


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  2. jasolo
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    I get 54$ for your model with Shapeway Calculator 0.7 and WS&F material. Anyway, you could reduce wall thickness from 2mm to 1mm, so the cost goes to 26$ (again WS&F).

    Also, you should make a hole on the three bases of the model to permit the residual material to go out after the printing.
  3. sector0
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    But I don't understand why shapeways is not showing the same. I upload that exact STL and it is coming out at $124 (with WS&F).

    Thanks for the tip on the holes, I was hoping to get there but after I uploaded this stage of the model and saw the price I couldn't continue.
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    Did you unify all the parts of your model correctly? Internal manifold issues or internal volumes could cause this issue. If you're stuck please send the file to service (AT) shapeways.com so they can look at it.