Hollow steel plated ring, with and without post work.

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by leorolph, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. leorolph
    leorolph New Member
  2. FabMeJewelry
    FabMeJewelry New Member
    Looks like you've got a combo of gold plated / silver :D excellent work !
  3. leorolph
    leorolph New Member
    yes. I wonder how long the steel will keep its shine, or if it will oxidize brown or something?
  4. duann
    duann New Member
    Woah, that looks amazing.. well done.
  5. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Interesting treatment. Yes, polishing s/steel is a lot of work, especially when you have surfaces that curve. I'm curious about the oxidising as well, because I know that regular s/steel does definitely oxidise (i.e. RUST!), which is why I won't make rings out of the stuff anymore (unless I have forewarned the customer).

  6. roofoo
    roofoo Well-Known Member
    I have a stainless steel ring that I polished and it still hasn't rusted, it's from at least 3 years ago. Of course I don't leave it soaking in water.
  7. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    However, do you wear it everyday where the ring is subjected to body salts and oils?

  8. roofoo
    roofoo Well-Known Member
    Well, no, I'll concede that point. :p
  9. leorolph
    leorolph New Member
    I,m thinking of coating it with to stop any corrosion. Im sure there's something that i can use.
  10. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Renaissance wax might do the job, although I haven't tried it.

    Edit: From Wikipedia - Renaissance Wax is a brand of microcrystalline wax polish that is widely encountered in antique restoration and museum curation. Although not appropriate for all materials, it is known to and used by almost every collection. It is also used as a primary finish for cabinetry and furniture. Renaissance wax is also used by reenactors of historic swordsmanship to protect armour and weapons. It is widely recognised that this substance is more protective and longer lasting than oil, especially for swords and helmets that are frequently touched by human hands.
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  11. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    Lensman is correct. I use Renaissance wax on every single piece I patinate/oxidize. I believe its a must have as a final step to prevent any further blackening or silver. Most people skip this step and end up with a yellowish or darkened piece of silver. The way I see it, if its good enough for museums to use on priceless artifacts then its good enough for me. LOL.. It works. . . ! Let me go see the bottle it comes in to see what metals it works on. I only use it on silver.