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  1. jeremyzschau
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    I am using Strata Design 3D CX6. I want to make a skin object and each slice of the skin is a compound path. I export the file as obj for NetFabb basic but the model appears with open ends.
    hollow problem.jpg
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Hmmm I've never heard of your CAD software, but in netfabb you should be able to close the shells.
  3. Fredd
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    Face normals facing the wrong direction will show up red in Netfabb basic also. Upload your object/stl file here so folks here can get a better look, possibly diagnose the problem.

    Ignore the comments about the normals. I had a confusion attack. You have two holes, the inner hemispheres upper edge and the outer surfaces upper edge. Netfab will just close the outer cups edge when you try to repair it,leaving 2 shells. I bet you will wind up having to perform a boolean operartion, or manually connect verts, and fill holes

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  4. jeremyzschau
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    It's not the same but this model is more simple.

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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Export your file to Netfabb.
    Click on repair, Red Cross
    Hover over the icons at the top till you find 'Add Triangles' Click this
    Pick one of the edges. It will turn blue. Pick another face over the red internal part.
    A new face will be created.
    Right click on the edge of the new face and pick 'Close Hole'.
    The internal red is covered by a new face.
    Flip model over and do the same on the other side.
    Once done. Click on Apply Repair.
    Go to Part - Export part.
    Export as STL.
  6. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    I tried out Jacants technique which worked wonderfully. I never did export it as a stl in NF for some reason. Opened it in Blender, some odd reason the holes were filled, except the interior one. Anyone that uses Blender needs to experiment with this, to prove I am not going crazier.