Hollow model and full color sandstone

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  1. tristan_bethe
    tristan_bethe New Member

    After very successful solid full color print of a 3d scan of myself:

    I am making more to get some practice and hopefully offer it as an service at one point.

    So I scanned in grandpa last weekend:

    I am considering trying to print a hollow model to lower the cost. I can see family member wanting a copy of grandpa and I do not want to settle them up with a 100 euro price tag


    Before I start applying the texture I would like to make sure if creating a 18cm high model with a wall thickness of 3mm is possible when using full color sandstone.

    I have holes in the soles of the feet, just like I did with a strong and flexible model test:
    http://www.shapeways.com/model/147847/mini_tristan.html?gid= ug33862

    I suppose it would work the same way?

  2. Kaetemi
    Kaetemi New Member
    Would like to know this too.
    Though, I'm guessing 3mm wall is sufficient for keeping it strong enough at that size.

    Also, what size should the holes be so you guys don't have too much trouble cleaning?
  3. Kaetemi
    Kaetemi New Member

    Right, so, I've successfully had this figure here ->
    http://www.shapeways.com/model/190101/_santa_girl__figure__f ull_color_.html <-
    printed with a wall thickness of 3mm and a hole of 1mm connecting the inside with the outside.
    There were no problems with the print, the powder inside is just stuck inside (I assume).

    So, I made another figure, and did it exactly the same way, because I'd expect it to be OK to do this way if I didn't have any issues with the previous print.

    However, the order this time was canceled with "Non cleanable, Support material can not be removed from model, holes in the bottom of the model are too small" ?!
    Well, maybe that's because that was my intention? And I kind of need this by next week...
    Unfortunately none of the links in the mail or nowhere on the website does it say how large the holes need to be if you guys really want to get the powder out.
    So basically I don't know to what point I have to waste my time here, as you'll probably have me waste my time only to wait more days to have it canceled again, and that's basically not going to get me there in time...
    And I have no problem with the powder being stuck inside.
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  4. tristan_bethe
    tristan_bethe New Member
    One mm sounds very small to me as well.

    Maybe they where standing there for an hour with your first model to get everything out and though: this never no more! and changed the settings? Is almost like getting the salt out of an human shaped saltshaker :)

    My hole is basically the whole buttom of the feet. At the thinnest point of the tunnel in the legg is maybe 5 -8mm.
  5. Kaetemi
    Kaetemi New Member
    Was that a color model, and did they get it out trough the 5mm?
    I can make it so it can get out trough the legs at 5mm, but then I need to know for sure that they won't cancel it again...

    And if they really have a problem with something, then they should've let me know, because I expect to be able to do it the same way again if it worked the way I did it.
    Although, the previous figure was delivered only 6 working days after I made the order, so it doesn't seem to me there were any problems.
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  6. tristan_bethe
    tristan_bethe New Member
    I made a screenshot. The green ball is 2mm and the orange one 1mm. But I guess the total shape of the hole is big enough.

    I have ordered a white strong and flexible version by mistake, that went well. And a colored version is in the mail now and will arrive tomorrow so I guess that went ok.

    Hope this helps

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  7. Kaetemi
    Kaetemi New Member
    Alright then, I've reordered with 5mm holes. :)
  8. tristan_bethe
    tristan_bethe New Member
    Hope it works out man! :cool:
  9. Kaetemi
    Kaetemi New Member
    still too small :neutral:
  10. tristan_bethe
    tristan_bethe New Member
    Thats weird... I just received mine. All good. Maybe this needs some actual support. Maybe it is something completely else?
  11. Kaetemi
    Kaetemi New Member
    And they still don't want to tell me how large it needs to be then :neutral:
  12. tristan_bethe
    tristan_bethe New Member
    Maybe it is not the exit hole but one of the interior cavities? Could that be the case?

  13. Kaetemi
    Kaetemi New Member
    They're only complaining about the legs...
  14. tristan_bethe
    tristan_bethe New Member
    If you want I can also have a look at it tonight? Just email me the model. Who knows...
  15. Kaetemi
    Kaetemi New Member
    Okay, so now they say 5mm is ok, and I just had to boost some bits of the leg that were apparently about like 2.87mm instead of >3mm.
  16. tristan_bethe
    tristan_bethe New Member
    Ah Good! Yeah thought something else was maybe also wrong. Remains a bit of voodoo this 3D printing! :p