holes size and moving parts

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    hi everybody

    (sorry for my english i'm french :confused )

    I will wish to create a little pearl scorpion for a jewel and must do a hole.
    the scorpion is about 5mm high ( leng 35mm width 25mm)

    i see on the instructions holes must are 2mm diameter : this is big for a pearl hole.
    I think also make moving parts, but if a see the instructions :

    in exemple of an axle :
    moving axle is 1cm minimum

    how the tiny 1cm car work ????


    What is the true minimum size for a hole ? and have i well understood the instructions ???


  2. stonysmith
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    The dimensions required are entirely dependant upon which material you select.

    This model is designed for FUD. http://shpws.me/lmmj Some of the walls are as thin as 0.7mm, and the gaps are only 0.1mm.

    The cab and boom are both fully movable. The cab in particular uses almost exactly the same cross-section as your diagram shows.. just much, much smaller.

    On each of the Material Pages you will find a "Clearance" value that tells you how much clearance you must allow to have movable parts.
  3. skoell
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    thank you
    effectively i will find the good material for small objects