HO narrow gauge trucks

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    Some general notes about my trucks.
    These trucks are designed to match my rolling stock models.They should also work with those from TB Models.
    They come as a block of 10 or 20 connected together,or as a pair connected to another model.They can be separated with care,the small connecting piece is discarded.
    WSF-P is the recommended material,it provides a balance of strength and quality of finish.WSF is a cheaper alternative.FUD will give finer detail but needs to be handled with care as it is more fragile.
    Be sure to choose the correct type to match the wheels you are using,as axle lengths vary between makes.**
    If you find that the wheels don't turn freely,give the axle boxes at each end of the axle a light squeeze.Repeat until you are happy with it.

    ** If you have wheels with a different axle length to my designs,I can modify the design to match.
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