HO Model Traction Engine

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  1. reecejames
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    Hello all,

    Currently waiting for my first model to be printed. In the meantime, here's the wireframe and textured view. Obviously needing some tweeks but looking for some tips, tricks and feedback on the current model.


    I'm a big train buff and my current collection consists of N, HOe, HO, O Live Steam and 5" Live Steam.

    I'm pretty busy at work, but am looking for ideas for specific items to model. (Custom train bodies, point levers, signals etc.I have had a request for a 5" gauge locomotive end as well.)
  2. reecejames
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    Well that's a disappointment, obviously a few cleanups required! :D

    The 0.554 is just a blu, so easy enough to fix, along with the 0.64. The 0.50 is more concerning, the entire gear has disappeared. :confused I've rebuilt that part of the model so it should correct that problem.

    Anyone got any ideas on what the 0.16? could be? I'm guessing it's referring to the gear's teeth?

    This puzzles me as all teeth should count as detail, thus as long as the teeth are under 0.7mm in height, it shouldn't pose a problem.
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    That traction engine looks brilliant Reece, you should be working for Airfix / Hornby with those skills!

    To my untrained eye, it looks as though the 0.16 refers to the top face of the gear teeth?

    I'm just learning about this Shapeways process at the moment, in order to have a go at making "O9" scale ( O gauge scenery on N gauge width track) models of the locos and rolling stock on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway. I received the Shapeways sample pack last week - have to say "Clear Detail" looks and feels much smoother than "White Detail" & WSF to me.

    Forgive my ignorance but which CAD package is that you're using? I'm trying to get to grips with Blender, but failing at the mo - think I'll splash out on Alibre after the trial runs out.

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  4. reecejames
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    Cheers Ravenforth. I'm just starting out with modeling so I don't think I'm anywhere near that level of skill yet. I'm using Lightwave which seems to export reasonably well if the geometry is simple.

    This model is designed for WSF but I will be trying some N gauge stuff in the details, clear may be worth it, we shall see. Give me a week or so!

    Now, I'm an idiot and I feel sorry for the Shapeways guy who checked the model again. Lookie what I forgot to fix.


    I've added extra material to the chimney as well JIC simply due to the fact that it's the one piece you really don't want looking bent.
    EDIT: This cost an extra 1c, something wonky with the chimney geometry obviously :confused
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  5. reecejames
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    It arrived! :D

    Unfortunately I've got a major issue with a wheel. Trying to diagnose at this end currently.