Hiring: Need Camel Pawn for my board game

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  1. schoen159
    schoen159 New Member
    Hi Everyone
    Scott from Dallas Texas here.
    I'm an upstart game producer looking for a free form 3d print artists.
    Are you available for new jobs?

    Ref: "tejs house of wind" store - http://www.shapeways.com/shops/tej
    see his: chess set animals for this type of camel job
    my specs attached for this job: contact me for more info if this is not enough explanation
    (also I have larger images of my initial camel that's being revised if you accept this job)
    send me links of your work so I can see

    This job will start about June 1 to June 15th:
    Product delivery about 1 week from that time
    Delivery: the native file and the .STL print file
    About 1/2 day of structure design
    1/2 to 1 day of artistic design
    50% up front 50% when finished
    I would like to test print the item first before paying final 50%
    Please allow a reasonable alteration of my own choice after initial test printing

    more items needed in the future too.
    thanks guys, gals

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  2. Bodacious3D
    Bodacious3D New Member

    I'm a 3D modeler and texture artist with an MFA in 3D Modeling from Academy of Art University.

    I would be delighted to work on your camel pawn. What a cool idea! It would be no problem.

    Feel free to look through my shop, here:


    You can also check out my demo reel on my Web site:


    And definitely my zBrush speed sculpture channel on YouTube:


    I hope to hear from you soon.


    Jonathan Fesmire
  3. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member
    BAROBA New Member
    I did send you an email.


  5. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member
    what email ??? :)
    so are you john ?
    BAROBA New Member
    Hi Ming,

    Sorry, but I was talking to Scott :)
    I did send Scott an email.

  7. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member
    so who's scott ??? .... just kidding :)
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  8. schoen159
    schoen159 New Member
    Hey John,
    Thanks for responding.
    Your stuff looks great but I'll have to pass.
    Dont take it personal.
    Its a Christian board game for young kids so its about the fit.
    Then again I could be making a mistake but I gotta decide.

    Take care guy,
  9. schoen159
    schoen159 New Member
    Ming you are on the list. I sent you an email.
  10. schoen159
    schoen159 New Member
    Hi Rob,
    I think you are going to be on the list too.
    Don't know if I sent you an email but here I'm letting you know.
    Give me time to get through some more of these.
    I'll get back with you.

  11. Bodacious3D
    Bodacious3D New Member
    No problem, Scott! Thanks for letting me know, and best of luck with the project!
  12. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member
    hi rob, no need sorry :)
    my fault with the confusion of names and replies here :(

  13. schoen159
    schoen159 New Member
    Hi Ming,

    Are you a cartoonist too?
    Or are you coloring other cartoonists work?
    I see illustrations etc.

  14. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member
    hi scott,
    yes. i'm a cartoonist and illustrator too .
    i used to work as a fulltime illustrator for publisher
    and also a fulltime infographics illustrator for a main newspaper company .
    but now i do more on 3d and modeling :)
  15. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member
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  16. schoen159
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  17. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member