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Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by jvyphm, Dec 19, 2018.

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    I am currently looking for some assistance in regards to having a simple design made which I highly doubt would take a lot of time. As someone who is inexperienced with 3D designing (or modeling), I find it difficult for me to put my design into actuality to be prepared for 3D printing. What my design entails is simply a cube frame. The faces would need to be cut so that glass can be inserted in the face of a set parameter. I would also need the inner edges of the frame to be sized in a way and made room for material that I will be adding in it. Also note, the frames in themselves would need to be detachable and re-attachable because that's how I would be sliding the mirrors into the frame (as you will make the design fit perfectly for the mirror and connect all in one piece).

    - The frame must have on its sizes (where the faces are) have a placement that will allow me to slide the mirror in and be held in place all together once the cube pieces are all attached to each other and there is a slight distance from the outer frame and the inner frame meaning there is a small distance from where the frame is placed/slide in and the outer part of the whole frame in itself. The size of my mirror that I plan to have slide in all around each of the 6 faces is: 9x9" but may change.

    - The thickness of the mirror will be 1/8" which will allow you to think about how to design how the mirror will be slide into the frame as my design request requires.

    - The connecting corners, must be clean and not a simple connector that is basically a three way connector that is a square insertion which would mean there is a rigid feeling if you were to slide your hand across the frame in a square shape and feel a sudden shift in height. By that I mean, the connector pieces must be made in a way that it could be connected cleanly and have no uneveness.

    - The inner part must be able to have 10mm room to place strips.

    Other than that, if one needs clarification or more information of the request, please let me know!
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    PM sent...
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    A 9" cube (even if just a frame) is going to be very expensive to print in 3d... perhaps $500 or more.
    Is that within your budget?
    A much cheaper option would be finding some extruded aluminum rails with the right shape for the sides, and then just 3d-print the corner brackets.
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    I appreciate your response but however, that will not be the case, thankfully. As my makerspace (provided by my uni) provides free printing up to an extent :)