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  1. Dominus007
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    Hiring 3D modellers to make soldiers and army vehicles. They must be 3D print and mould ready.

    Some soldiers are already made in T pose, this project is to put them into various poses and make guns.

    Others projects are to make the soldier and guns, then pose them.

    Others are to make army vehicles.

    The designs are 32mm, 1/50 scale.

    Details will be given regarding the poses, weapons etc with some photo references.

    Time scales are 2-3 weeks per project.

    Prices are set, and range between US $260 - 400 depending on which project your hired for.

    PM me your portfolio.


  2. gafsadesign
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    pm sent
  3. philnolan3d
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    Sending pm
  4. Anyuta3D
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    Dear Jim / Dominus007,

    First of all, let us inform you that your request need to be corrected. The 32mm is not corresponding to 1/50 scale and the 1/50 scale is not 32mm - a detailed answer already sent PM. Anyway, if interested to get the work done by a highly skilled team specializing on accurate military related miniatures and scale model kits, our offer already sent to you. We ‘ll be very happy to keep in contact with you.

    Anyuta 3D


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  5. jordanbanks
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    Hello I would love to see how we can help you in creating these designs. Contact me at Jd@jdfantasy.com

    Thank you again and Wood forward to hearing from you.