Hire me !!! 3d, animation, texturing, rendering

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  1. AleaGray
    AleaGray New Member
    Hi guys,

    I am currently studying Game & Animation in Germany and looking for some 3d jobs !

    Feel free to write me:


    Hope you like my work. More work is coming soon ;)


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  2. eiraSYS
    eiraSYS New Member
    Do you want those models to have motion? We could make some work on that!
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  3. darrielc
    darrielc New Member
    I'm a custom knifemaker and I think this might be an incredible way to model knife handles. I have all my knives drawn up in 2D in AutoCad and I'm looking for someone to take it to a 3D model and add textures to it. I will pay the fair price for the help.
  4. smithspeedway
    smithspeedway New Member
    I would like a car body, like this:

    We would use it as a mold for vac forming. Modifications would include elimination of the wheels, wheel openings, and anything small that sticks out like the antenna and mirrors. The windows can be defined by a scribed line, or slightly recessed. The finish piece should be all one color and 5.75" long.
  5. AleaGray
    AleaGray New Member

    that wouldn't be a problem for me.
    So we are talking here about 3D modeling, UV-Mapping and Texturing in your case?

    If you can Provide good 2D Sketches or blueprints I could make a good price for you.
    I am from Germany. Sorry for any English mistakes.

    Have a nice day.

    PS: Sorry for the late reply. I am currently working on a nether project