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  1. frank2056
    frank2056 New Member
    I just got my high resolution (16 micron) parts, and they're a huge improvement over the 28 micron parts. I reprinted a part that I'd had made in the lower resolution. To bring out the details, I painted small sections of the models with a chrome marker.

    Both parts (in my excitement, I labeled the 28 micron part "16"):

    16 micron:

    28 micron:

    A similar portion of the model in both resolutions. Not that the small horizontal bar is clearly visible in the 16 micron and almost lost in the printer artifacts in the 28 micron:

    16 micron detail:

    28 micron detail:

    Shapeways, please make the higher resolution print a permanent option!

  2. Mark_Kendrick
    Mark_Kendrick New Member
    Hi Frank,
    Great way to show the difference in resolution!

    I too took advantage of the high definition print run and really hope it becomes a permanent option. In fact some of the parts I had printed have been 'souvenired' by my friends and so now I require replacements!
  3. dizingof
    dizingof New Member
    I agree , check out mine


    It's very smooth and and perhaps more translucent as a result.

    "Shapeways, please make the higher resolution print a permanent option!" :cool:

  4. stannum
    stannum Well-Known Member
    Close the 6 and add a small arch and line to the 1 and you get a "written while in the bus" 28. ^_^

    Nice detail, indeed.
  5. Minty Fresh
    Minty Fresh New Member
    I'd also like to put my two cents in for high resolution details! The improvement in the higher resolution printing was worth the extra wait.
  6. fx2
    fx2 New Member
    I hope Shapeways will print their detail materials with "High Quality" printer setting by default. For scale model parts, it makes an huge difference. The walls on Z axis are much smoother. :)

    I also experienced a difference when I create RTV silicone molds from printed masters. The little air bubbles seems to be much less prone to stick to the (z-axis printed) walls... :)

    IMHO Objet printer with "high speed" setting prints much more something like "coarse detail", at least on Z-axis ...

    What about offering a new "sketchy detail" ? The offer could be something like this:
    transparent detail: $2,77 /cm^3 @ high quality / 16 micron
    "transparent sketchy detail":$2,47 /cm^3 @high speed / 28 micron
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  7. minimaker
    minimaker New Member
    I'd like to vote for a high quality option as well. I know that some fellow modelers that do masters for miniatures production have their stuff printed elsewhere for that reason. I may have to do that soon depending on the result of my current order.

    The high quality option on the other hand delivered what was needed.

  8. bitstoatoms
    bitstoatoms Member

    Shapeways should have an answer on that one in the very near future.
  9. minimaker
    minimaker New Member
    Any news on whether the high resolution printing will become an option on the future? That would help me a lot since I have a load of designs coming up which need to be detailed and smooth.
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  10. Mark_Kendrick
    Mark_Kendrick New Member
    I couldn't keep customers waiting and had to order elsewhere :(
    Come on SW I want to give you my business!
  11. minimaker
    minimaker New Member
    From what I have seen on sculptor forums, more people have had their stuff printed elsewhere for that reason.
  12. Nane
    Nane New Member
    Where was this high resolution print run mentioned? Curious!

    Maybe for a higher order minimum, like 35$ the option could be enabled?

    Also wondering what materials this effects as certain things are printed on different machines?

    Would items printed in White Detail come out this smooth normally?

    What about using a material like White Detail instead of WSF? It would allow for smoother/greater detail?

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  13. Mark_Kendrick
    Mark_Kendrick New Member
    Hi RogersX,
    The materials offered with higher resolution than standard were black, white and transparent detail, all printed with the same machine. Other materials were not offered in higher resolution. Most who are chasing higher resolution already use the detail materials as is, and desire/need higher resolution than SW's standard. The scale modellers tend not to use WSF.

    There was a limited trial a few months ago that was partially successful, the prints that came out successfully were brilliant but approximately half of my items ordered had faults, and some were re-run because of this. These teething troubles probably account for some of the delay in implementing it permanently. The trial was announced in the blog and emails.
  14. Maethius
    Maethius New Member
    Just stumbled upon this thread which seems to be a very common question ... "can you guys make that smoother?"

    I'm looking to have some miniatures made for a prototype game I am authoring, and would love to have the option for players to log in and order miniatures on the fly from Shapeways. However, I don't want customers to have to dip them in several coats of lacquer and have to smooth them with sandpaper and rat tail files. Gamers should expect a professional miniature and should get their money's worth.

    That said, if high rez printing is not yet available, you mention having gone elsewhere. May I as where you went and what the results were?