High Detail Print (WD or FD?)

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  1. LiviLam
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    I'm currently modeling a high detail Dragon Priest Mask from TES V: Skyrim. I was originally planning on printing it in white detail, but after working with the model in ZBrush I am not sure that WD will capture all the detail I want.

    Would White Detail be sufficient, or should I opt for Frosted Detail instead? The attachment has two pictures of my incomplete model with the amount of detail work I am aiming for in the finished piece.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Dragoman
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    What size should the mask be? What is the width / depth of the furrows?

    The Shapeways materal status page lists the size of the minimum detail for each material. Anything smaller than that will be invisible or distorted.

    In my experience, detail should be about twice the minimum size to make sure it comes out well.

    Karl Heinz