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  1. rick1975
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    Hi also

    RTL4 news reminded me about the site I fould already in the past.

    So I singned in also now.

    I'm a collector of miniature cars.
    Mostly I repaint and modify them like the 1:1 scale i've owned.

    I think 3d printing can help me make parts wich I cant make meself or buy, such as typical wheels etc.

    Hope to find my way here and finally make my own parts with 3D

    best regards


  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Welcome back Rick. What software do you use/wish to use to make your models?
  3. rick1975
    rick1975 New Member

    Now I build most of the models out off kits or build-ones who I strip and paint and rebuild again with parts of different models to make the exact copy of the real one, like these:


    I don't have the 3d software at this moment. :rolleyes:
    I've tried some in the past (before my pc crashed)
    I'm not yet sure wich one I must install (the easiest to get used to...)

    Hoping to find some reviews here, so I can start with the drawing the missing parts.
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  4. bitstoatoms
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    Hi Tracy, welcome to Shapeways!!!!

    Everyone is welcome here..

    Looking forward to seeing your designs and you sharing your experience.


  5. dizingof
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    @super-cab, download Google Sketchup , it's the perfect software for learning 3d modeling.