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    Looks like this is the place to say hi.

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    ah! i didn't know there was a form to fill out. :p

    Well, i am a Gaming and Animation student at Utah Valley University. i am following a guy that is doing a 3d fan film about portal and he printed off his chell model as a kickstarted backer reward. so, seeing as i model and stuff i thought i should put some stuff up here to.

    I am of course into gaming but what i really spend most of my time doing is Fencing. so i'm starting off here selling some Fencing swag and see if anyone wants some.

    i use Maya and photoshop right now. i plan on getting mudbox in the near future.

    and lastly, i've only been modeling in maya for a year now. so i guess that still means i'm a noob. but i did start out using strata 3D years and years ago.
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    That's a much better introduction :p. Welcome to Shapeways! Having that information helps us help you when you need help. Make sure to share your works with us!