Hi to the community from France

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    Hi everyone !

    1) What brings you to Shapeways?
    I am Arnaud and am currently finishing my last year internship as a 3Dprinting engineer in a big European company which makes satellites (cool stuff!).
    Most people think that 3Dprinting means doing File->Print, but when you deal with big and highly mechanical parts, the process is pretty tricky this is when you need 3Dprinting engineers :cool:
    Following many blogs and feed on 3Dprinting, I learned about Shapeways and their new factory with 50 machines (my boss is jealous, production capacity is a big problem in the industry right now) , new super cool material and I knew right away that this community was pretty amazing. A little tour around the blog and the forum and I was in love!

    2) Where are you from?
    France but I like to go around, spent 2 years in Canada

    3) What are your interests or hobbies that you plan on using Shapeways for?
    My university has a research lab that can produce different materials, mainly metal alloys ; I am sure Shapeways will offer more materials selection in the future and this could allow designers to create more mechanical parts and shapes.
    I want to keep going in this field, was involved in many industrial projects and I saw the possibilities(as well as the new constraints :rolleyes: ) offered by additive manufacturing. I am sending my resume to Shapeways asap :)

    4) Your software

    Photoshop newbie

    5) Your experience level)
    -Master of engineering in Mechanical & Design
    -Bachelor degree in Part design & Manufacturing
    -6-month internship in part design for 3Dprinting

    I will see you around the forum and I'll try to give some input when I can. Thank you for reading :)
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    Welcome! sounds like you have a nice looking resume