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    My name is Marloes a.k.a. Mezmera, and currently I'm waiting for my first Shapeways order to arrive - rather impatiently, of course.

    I'm from Eindhoven, the Netherlands and want to make a living as a product designer one day. Printing and selling with Shapeways seems like an ideal start to me to gain experience with designing products for actual use. I'm starting out with jewelry but plan to move on to practical items/gadgets later on.

    For modelling, I use Blender. Since I'm still learning it takes way too long for my taste, but I guess that will be a matter of 'practise makes perfect'. I hope to be able to show my designs soon and view loads of cool new designs from other designers as well: I'm constantly amazed by the creativity displayed here, it is very inspiring!

    Greetings from Mezmera
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    Welcome to Shapeways! There are a few Blender guru's here that can help you get up and running. Search around, and if you have questions, feel free to ask.
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    I like your shop logo :)
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    Thank you!