Hi! I'm Dan And Looking For Advice On Printing A Replacement Part

Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by Dan75, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Hi, my name is Dan, I live in Holland and I am completely new to 3d printing.
    I have made a hobby of revising vintage turntables and stumbled more than once upon parts and pieces that became brittle over time.
    Some parts are made of special compounds with specs that are known to the maker only but it is almost always that these parts aren't available
    anymore. So the only options are donor parts or printing them.

    The advice I need to begin with is, which program would be best for a beginner like me to make a 3D file of the part I have lying here in front of me? Secondly, which material would be best in ways of durability and costs. The part I am talking about is rather small and sits on the tonearm of the turntable and is part of the moving mechanism.
    This part is originally made out of a transparant plastic and has a small screw in it. The screw is to tighten it to the tubing (made out of brass I think) of the tonearm.
    This part is prone to cracks, so the part does not stay in place and therefore does not function anymore. In all of the same make and models of these tables this part is cracked
    Help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Hi Dan,
    The software is a matter of debate, but it all boils down to which program you prefer.... All programs are able to do what you intend to design.
    Materials: Versatile Plastic should be fine, I'd try that first. It's pretty strong and the finish is decent, it handles fine (like in sanding, painting etc), and it's available in various colors. Detailed plastic is too brittle. I don't have any experience with all the latest materials, but there might be some good candidates there as well (like Multi Jet Fusion Plastic PA12 etc)
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    Hi, I've chosen a program and made a 3D design with it. I duplicated the part 4 times as iti is pretty small. The hole diameter is 0,199 inch (5 mm) , the outside is 0,433 inch (10,9 mm), the the total height is 1,02 inch (2,59 cm) including the little lever arm. What I want to ask you guys is what changes to make in the positioning and/or altering to make this design printable. I will post a picture of the design and the actual original part.

  4. Dan75
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  5. CapHerlock
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    Hello Dan,
    bassd on my experience on materials I'd suggest you the PA12 which are Nylon plastics. I make models kits and for that Versatile Plastic is good, but if the part is not particularly big or it has thin walls it won't hold up for long. Nylon is more resisant to compression, which to my understanding of what I've read is your main issue.
    Also based on the pictures the upper part of the hollow cylinder should be reinforced on the outside. The wall is too thin.
    Just if you need it, you should try Google Sketchup. It's very simple and fast to use for small pieces like this.