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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by megafreshing5, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. megafreshing5
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    I have some doubts about how to put my designs for sale.
    Doubt 1: It is I who must design and shape (design the mold, put the resin into the mold) my designs for sale?
    Doubt 2: If it is not I who should shape and apply the resin, as I can sell my "toy"? I have to buy the blank, assemble and sell?
    I hope to get help from you guys :)!
  2. GADesign
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    I'm not sure if i fully understand your questions but i'll try to give you some answers.

    If you've designed a product you can have it 3D printed here @shapeways in the material you choose (there are about 30 different materials/colours/finishes) you don't necessarily need a mold Shapeways prints the product for you and if you put your product for sale in your shop others can buy it too in the materials you select and you get a makup for every sale.

    If youre product needs some assembly or needs some finishing after it's 3D printed then you can order the product your self and sell the finished product on ebay or etsy, you can also choose to ad a assembly toturial to your poduct page on shapeways so your customers can order the product direct from shapeways and you have less work.

    Hope this explains anything ?
  3. megafreshing5
    megafreshing5 New Member
    Thank you, your answer helped me a lot even in shapewais, and if you do not understand me right, because I am Brazilian and unfortunately do not know the right English ¬ ¬