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    Well stumbled across this great site by accident... All great things start by accident I've been told :)

    So without further a due...

    My name is Stef, 30 years old, going to college to be a teacher, dropping in from Belgium.

    I am a militaria collector in my spare time, especially Vietnam stuff and of course my designs have to do with this :)

    Had a nice welcome from Joost and I WILL recommend this site all over the "yea olde" continent ! That's for sure !

    I made a quick sketch on Google sketch so I hope I can upload it here to get some opinions...

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    Welcome Stef,

    a screen shot or render will help us get a quick look, especially those of use that don't use sketchup.

    I'm kind of excited to see your Vietnam stuff. My dad is a Vietnam veteran, and I've wanted to do a design for him for a while, but haven't found the inspiration yet. Well I wanted to do something with the wall, but it's surprisingly hard to get a list of the names.
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    Thanks for the welcome...

    Thank your dad for his service for me, often gets overlooked in the collectors community that behind the gear and uniforms that there are people who wore them and used it... real people who fought for a cause...

    Especially for us over here in Europe it's difficult to fathom what people went through...especially young people, seems so distant now.

    Well my projects often involve reproducing certain parts and gear that are almost unobtainable or unaffordable to get original, and I am always looking for new ways to make them...and 3D modelling and printing is a new way I wanted to explore.

    I will post upsome pics of the stuff I collected and build over the years, ( all weapons are replicas of course...) I am not into insignia, strictly gear, webbing, uniforms and inert ordnance and replicas. We attend several reenactments events each year, or atleast try to... Not all wives and girlfriends agree :)

  4. nougabol
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    This is me and a bud during one reenactment event with a small (real small :) ) part of the collection...