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    I've been reading about 3D printing for a while and decided to finally jump into actually making something.

    My first project is a set of different shaped blocks that hold neodymium magnets in the middle. I've one through 5 iterations of my toy using the makerbot at the awesome Metrix create space in Seattle. I just uploaded and ordered a set of sample blocks to see how they turn out in the WSF material and I'm super excited to see how they turn out.

    Does anyone have a good free tool for laying out multiple 3D objects for printing? right now I'm using Blender and manually duplicating the pieces and positioning them by hand. It works but takes quite a while. I.e. I'd love to be able to select a part and tell the program to lay out 12 copies of it for printing.

    Thanks for reading :)

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    If you are using Blender. Try the 'Array' Modifier.